Mindfully Mallory Presents:

Burnt Out BCBA to

Balanced Business Owner

6-month ACT Mentorship Boot camp

for BCBAs Transitioning to their best relationship with work on their own terms!

For real- most BCBAs I know are Burnt out AF... that burnt out status impacts not only us but also how we show up for our clients. And the consequences of that clinical burn out are not pretty.

One reason I think burn out is happening is that in grad school we are taught that ABA is for all humans- but realistically we are all herded towards the same agency or school intervention jobs with a slim range of population experience.

But what is also true is that in those roles we are coaching parents, we are coaching staff, we are coaching teachers or other team members on the principals of behavior.

the way we work though is usually a problem- with THE WAY we work and being able to find a more

could you be willing to believe there could be another way?

a way where you could do the work you love in a way that allows you to love the way you live to? That is what this bootcamp is all about :)

Specifically around the idea of creating a life style coaching business. Check out the video above to hear my free workshop on how I switched from a BCBA to a Coach!

Let’s talk about what is included in the Boot Camp:

The first part of this group is all about deconstructing your burnout- where you are now- and shifting to learning the skills of life balance from an ACT based perspective & explaining ACT and how we are doing it, as we go!

Week 1- Life balance

-Your business isn't going to really matter if your still burnt out! So lets find your version of life balance and bust the burn out at the beginning!

Week 2- BCBA Self Identity
-How we define ourselves and what is "good or bad"can really trip us up in the background of our minds, so lets flush it out and rewrite them more intentionally!

Week 3- Imposter syndrome & perfectionism

-Two bullies our brain uses to defend the way things have always been and something we will put front and center to work with in service of our futures!

Week 4- Burnout & Selfishness

-two more brain bully thoughts that we get to re-work in service of our future selves and our VALUESSSSSS

Week 5- Shifting views of ABA

-ABA is changing and for many of us it leaves a weird feeling and some uncertainty on how we feel. So lets take a peek at it an build more confidence in our ABA moving forward!

Week 6- Parent support vs parent training

-an example of transitioning towards a ACT mindset in ABA vs the old school way in an applied application most people are familiar with to start this ACT train a moving in application to others (via ourselves)

Week 7- Job Pivots & entrepreneurship

-Opening that mind to MOOOOORE! ABA doesn't have to be synonymous with ASD

Week 8- Tying it all together ACT is ABA

-ACT is ABA and now you have a ton of info to support that, so lets make sense of it in and set you up for success in Biz Building!

Week 9- Journaling Strategies

-Learn these important skills to help you towards more ACT independence and making shit happen using the model!

Week 10- Sitting with discomfort

-An absolute must skill as you go into your future because I promise it will get weird AF :)

Week 11 Meditation Practice

-AKA self as context, present moment awareness and defusion Practice for when you need it! because you will need it while you change your fucking LIFE!

Week 12- Self Care practices

-And I wouldnt forget the all important SELF CARE - the king of practices when it comes to making a life one that THRIVES!

  • All of this is shared immediately plus you get access to a closed facebook group facilitated by me where we can all chat, ask questions and comment. Including exercise posts to apply the weeks topic further.
  • AND because I LOVE ANDS you also get a bi-weekly group call (starting 9/14/23) where we can chat together on how to break things down and figure out how to apply it to your specific situation. These are recorded so you can catch the replay too!
  • Did I mention the 1:1 call you get each month? All of this in service of finding your REAL YOU and a life where you can practice expressing that- where you are at NOW!

The second part of the group is all about Starting up that business- to create a work that you are EXCITED ABOUT in the way that supports your vision for ideal working! All with a project launch that sets us up to start making those conversions to sales!

Week 13- Coaching vs ABA

-Let's cover our butts with out lingo and the "place" as well as get a handle on the switch from "clinical to commercial" applications of our ABA

-Plus a skills video on making a free website

Week 14- Planning a business around your ideal future life --I am not available for your new business to feel like the company you left, so lets dream a new way of doing things!

-and a skills video on practice clients and managing testimonials!

Week 15- Designing a business around what you love to do and who you want to help

-We've talked about what you want and lets figure out what you DO and how it relates to your values!

-don't forget the skills video on offer creation templates

Week 16- Getting started: Website & social Accounts

-we have done a TON of mindset work around who you are and what you do now its time to let others know by making those socials posts!

-plus a skills video on Branding, social posts, head shots, logos and more

Week 17- Values Based Marketing

-I know, double take. Marketing and selling DOESN'T HAVE TO BE SLEEZY. Seriously it can be totally in service of your values as well as the values of your clients. So lets do that, and everyone wins!

-Skills video on Endless content creation strategy – content pillars, batching & repurposing

Week 18- Money Mindset & fears in being paid

-this is the biggest kicker, we as BCBA don't feel good getting paid while we also LONG to be paid. its an important part of being a business owner and we are tackling it head on.

-And of course a skills video on basic invoicing and billing

Week 19-Asking for help & finding resources

-sometimes we feel like we need to be an expert even when we are not. But we also have the opportunity to give someone the gift of living their passion by asking for help! its a win win and lets talk about it while resourcing ourselves!

-plus an important skills video on those helpful links- Making a free landing page, link tree and calendar app

Week 20- Tying it all together & doing things!

-We have learned A LOT by now so lets synthesize and bring it back to our WHY!

-and a skills video on Discovery Calls & DM Conversations for pre-sales strategies

Week 21-Lead Generation, Funnels, Challenges

-Buzz word central I know, but we take the position that these things come naturally, in service of our clients while helping us live our best lives. Its not contrived BS.

-Plus a visibility challenge exercise to get you going!

Week 22-Launching Group Launch Week Activity

where we LAUNCH THOSE OFFERS and CELEBRATE our efforts!!!!

  • This is all done in about 2 -4 hours per week, on the weekends, in the evening, where you can learn skills to get your business up and going from both a tangible and a mindset perspective that will set you up to ditch the Burn out mentality and move you towards a life where business fits in, rather than is the main player, of your life.

Then we have the final part 3 where we learn to walk that walk in the way we want to- by revisiting some key topics again from this new place of awareness!

Week 23-Revisiting Imposter Syndrome, perfectionism, burnout & your WHY

-because lets be honest, we need to revisit this ish after all that work!

-plus lets do some meditating with the classic – leaves on a stream meditation

Week 24- Revisiting managing your nervous system, yourself care practices, your bandwidth & your vision!

-while we are here lets double down on holding space for ourselves and our new way of relating to work and our new business from a place of SUPPORT keeping our path in mind!

-and lets walk that walk with a walking meditation

Week 25- Pressure to DO MORE or DO IT ALL focus on what you WANT to do

-When we get to this new place it can be temping to add more shit to our plate fast, so lets re root into where we came from and where we are going.

-and get a message from our future self with the wise guide meditation

Week 26- Tying it all together & Container closing considerations

-time to CELEBRATE!!! because at this point you have done SOOOO much and its honestly inspiring. You will be here before you know it!

-and we have to root into that celebration with the Feeling good meditation!

  • Then concluding at the end of 6 months you are a full fledged business owner with offers, websites, social media posts and if you are like the others who have done this course before- even clients by the end of this experience!
  • Plus a host of new friends to lean on moving forward who have a similar dream and vision as you!

How would it feel to have a whole ass business in just 6 months from now and to move forward in your version a balanced life you are so ready to claim as yours?

and the BEST PART!!!

This entire course is based in APPLIED ACT which is why it works. I also embed my ACT Hexaflex and Matrix videos into the outline as well as ACT language and concepts throughout the course- so I can TEACH you Applied ACT as we go!

Its seriously a one of a kind course built JUST for you!

Here are a few testimonials from previous course members who made some amazing businesses.

These people made side and transition businesses in:

  • Supervision
  • CEUs
  • Parent Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Yoga & Sound Healing
  • and MORE!!!

Something they all had in common was the thought

  • "that will never work",
  • "This wont be viable financially.",
  • "What if I never find any clients?",
  • "what will my friends and family say when I tell them I am starting a business?"

But what they also have in common is that these were just thoughts!! None of these were true and when they went all in on their dreams they

What are you passionate and dreaming of making a business in? Could you be willing to believe that the thoughts holding you back are the ones to question over the thoughts of your dreams being possible?

Let's recap:

  • 26 Applied ACT based Modules
  • 12 skills building videos
  • 1:1 monthly calls for 6 months
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls for 6 months starting on 9/14/23
  • 24/7 FB support and community access for 6 months
  • Course E-book
  • Immediate Access and At your pace delivery
  • Group Challenges and Launch Week
  • plus 12 embedded ACT training Videos
  • 5 meditation/ACT exercise videos placed right where they help you make sense of the content.
  • and all videos are yours beyond the course duration!
  • Every thing rooted in Applied ACT with a values based and data driven emphasis!

To good to be true, I know! I am VERY proud of this amazing course and its results. And I am SO excited for you to hop on board!

To check the terms and conditions please click below for the offer letter pdf!

Offer Letter unpacking bcba trauma and burnout Offer Letter.pdf

If you choose the Pay in full option of $2500 you will also get a bonus month of voxer voice note coaching access directly to me! You can use this month of coaching whenever works for you during your 6 months to augment the already robust weekly coaching calls, monthly individual calls and 24/7 Facebook access!

Or choose the monthly payment option ($500/month for 6 months), you will still get immediate access to all the videos so you can go at your pace. Plus all the videos have closed captions & an accompanying E-book to help you access and organize the content in the way that suits you feel best.

We are here to GET SHIT DONE and move you into your Transition or Side Business, your way, on your terms WITHOUT burnout and in Balance! With this course and all its features you can totally be up and running in a new relationship to work in as little as 6 months at 2-4 hours a week (or faster!)

If this sounds like you - I am Called to tell you,

you can handle it.

so lets make some magic happen and Lets Fucking GO!!!!

thank you for considering to support my vision and my small woman owned and run business.

its a true honor to receive the gift of your vulnerability and to spread THRIVING to the world through your dreams coming true! I am beyond grateful to be apart of your journey!

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