Mindfully Mallory Presents:

Coaching school

Applied ACT Small Group

3-month intensive supervised Mindfulness learning Experience

for BCBAs adopting ACT coaching strategy into their ABA practice

This group is for BCBA's who are over the days of private events being off the table.

If you are someone who has been reading ACT books or taking Courses & is EXCITED again by their science but wants some guidance & practice, then this is the group for you.

Most BCBA's who I meet and work with believe with their whole hearts that private events have a role to play in behavioral interventions. Yet, most don't have a place to practice that feels safe or have a partner who is skilled enough to trust their education with since it wasn't taught to them during grad school.

Thats where I got you! In this group not only will you get the guidance & learning you desire, but also the hands on learning experience you need to build confidence in your practice!

In this intensive 3 month container we are going to learn & apply ACT coaching strategies to yourself and your paired partner. That way you can directly apply your new skills to a live person to practice with and to gain tangible experience with.

If this sounds like exactly what you need then you are in the right place.

Scroll to the bottom for a monthly payment option too :)

Let's talk about what is included this intensive Coaching Mindset Applied ACT Learning Experience:

Each week will be a training video following this learning outline to watch, including exercises for you and your partner to practice!

  • Week 1- What is ACT & Coaching

-This will be an orientation of sorts in tandem with the pre-work of establishing some individual goals that you and your buddy will work on together through out the course.

  • Week 2- The Art of Holding Space

-this week is all about learning to witness and honor emotions without trying to fix or resist them. This is a doubly hard task when you are a helper who loves guiding people towards a life they love because you have to help them while managing yourself.

  • Week 3- Creating Clarity

-Often times our goals are born from ways of thinking that are not always set in stone the way we perceive them to be. This week is on teasing that out!

  • Week 4- The Power of Why

-The skill of sifting though what is to find out what matters to use that awareness to create a plan to amplify it!

  • Week 5- Barriers to success

-Barriers exist in both thoughts and actions so this week is about drawing awareness to and working with them in service of your goal and/or value

  • Week 6- Common fused thoughts part 1:

-Imposter syndrome, perfectionism, & self worth are the stars of this day. They are sneaky bastards who can stay hidden so this day is about uncovering them and calling them what they are so we can decide what stays and what goes.

  • Week 7- Common Fused thoughts part 2

-Burnout and Scarcity are the heavy hitters of todays awareness and again we have the opportunity to find them where they are hidden and choose how to move forward.

  • Week 8- Trauma & Experiential Avoidance

-how to see and work with these important and potent feelings shifting from stuck to workable.

  • Week 9- Empowerment vs Pressure

-this is all about creating a relationship of empowerment vs force or pressure. With you and your client but more importantly with your client and themselves.

  • Week 10- Dynamic Lives means Priority Changes

-how to flow with your clients day to day changes and how to help them hold function over momentum in their goals and decision making.

  • Week 11 Dancing the Dance

-knowing when to employ which strategies when and how to shift from one thing to the next in supporting someone.

  • Week 12- The big picture and broader applications

-getting ready to take your skills out into the real world with courage and grace.

What is included:

  • All of this is shared as video trainings are shared as soon as you join with a video link outline and then discussed in a Facebook group facilitated by me where we can all chat, ask questions and comment. Including pre and post exercises to apply the weeks topic further.
  • PLUS a weekly group call where we can chat together on how to break things down and figure out how to apply it to your specific situation. With 1 recorded call available per week each recorded and reposted in the group- you can get tons of support when it works for you! The group call will be on Thursdays at 10:30am PST for 12 weeks starting on 4/27/23.
  • AND real time practice with you r paired partner(s) each week for guided experience through the voxer voice note app (so you dont have to schedule calls to get your practice in!)
  • All of this in service of you learning to weave in ACT and coaching mindset into how you help create behavioral change in your own ABA practice as a BCBA with confidence!
  • Bonus videos on supplemental topics will also be released to help support your skills! Including individual hexaflex break downs, the act matrix break down, creating metaphors, how to run a meditation and more! Including the BCBA Career Pivot workshop AND the Money and BCBA Values workshop!

as a part of the skill building portion of this group at the end you and your partner will have the option to post a zoom call recording of your call in the facebook group. Each person will be encouraged to choose 2 videos to provide feedback on and I will comment on each video as well! This way we are all thinking about our strategies and holding space for more experience!

How would it feel to start using a new way of supporting yourself and your clients by using the power of Mindfulness in a behavior analytic way through applied ACT?

If you choose the Pay in full option of $999 Plus you will also get a bonus of 1 month of a dedicated VOXER line with me to support your understanding and growth in real time, with the ease of a voice note app!

With either option pay in full or monthly ($333/month for 3 months), please know all the videos have closed captions and you will have ongoing support via the Facebook group where you can comment/question anytime!

If you have questions or want to chat please DM me on Instagram or sign up for a complimentary discovery call with this link!


Do I have to be or want to be a life coach to join?

o Nope. You can also just want to add this as a strategy to your existing ABA practice. Kids, Staff, Parents, Mentees, etc.

Who can I use coaching with?

o Kids (who have a level of reliable, functional language to develop anxiety or depression) Staff, Parents, Mentees, Adults, Niche Groups you like and are skilled in, etc.

Why would I want to add coaching to my skill set?

o Because private events play a role in motivation and therefore observable behavior. So it’s time to treat it like they do and embrace the behavioral science that is proven to be effective. ACT and RFT for the WIN!

How are you qualified to teach this?

o I have been studying ACT since 2013, practicing it since 2017 with others. Have read countless books, have over 150 ceus in course style trainings and have received direct supervision by a field expert. I am also an author, ACE provider and experienced Coach and Mentor for the last year and a half.

Where’s the data?

o Go read articles by Hayes and check out ACBA then start branching out from there. Data exists outside of JABA and its valid AF. Use words like ACT, RFT and Hexaflex to get you started. My first book recommendations for beginners are

 Get out of your mind and into your life by Hayes

 ACT made simple by Harris

 A liberated mind by Hayes

 The happiness trap by Harris

I will have a book recommendations link coming soon for more of my advanced/experienced recommendations too, including:

• Brief interventions for radical change by Kirk and Patty

• The heart of ACT by Walser

As well as course recommendations and reviews from my favorite CEU website PraxisCET.com

If you still have questions that have not been answered, you are welcome to attend the free live Q&A zoom event where I will answer your questions and tell you my story in coaching & ACT on instagram live!

Thursday 4/20/23 at 10:30am PST.

the replay will be posted on IG after that date- be sure to check on my IG for an option to ask questions without being present!

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