Burn out Doesn't Have to be a Given in your Career

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12-module APPLIED ACT Self Paced Digital Course


For real- most BCBAs I know are Burnt out AF... that crispy status impacts not only us but also how we show up for our clients. And the consequences of that clinical burn out are not pretty.

I think this happens because as givers we feel good about giving our time, energy and resources to others and at the same time feel GUILTY about keeping any for ourselves.
BUT what is also true, is that when we give ourselves more of what we need we create MORE! More creativity, more energy, more resources, more of that which we want to see in the world. When Providers are supported their clients THRIVE. In that way- its basically our duty to have a good fucking life because it helps us help our clients that much more!

But what is also true is that in helping ourselves we create MORE creativity, energy and more resources to give to our clients because we already have it ourselves.

Could you be willing to believe that in finding your life balance you will actually have more energy to put towards the work you love??

While at the same time falling in love with your work and your science again because you aren't looking to it to be your WHOLE LIFE?

The magic of life balance is to give you back the parts of your life that you are missing and to put the ones that take up too much space, back in their place. That way we can learn to ENJOY them again!

and as a BONUS we will be adding in the missing component of ACT and rounding out your ABA toolset. In this course- life balance is achieved by using the replicable, data driven science of ACT and I show you the theory as we go so you can not only repeat it. But use it in your ABA application!

Let’s talk about what is included in the Self Paced Course:

We will start deconstructing your burnout and unpacking your BCBA Trauma- where you are now- and shifting to learning the skills of life balance from an ACT based perspective & explaining ACT and how we are doing it, as we go!

Module 1- Life balance

-Where we dive into what life balance is and why you don't have it, but how to use simple mindset switches to start creating it today!

Module 2- BCBA Self Identity

-we dive into how our burnout is supported by our current self identity and do a very satisfying exercise to start choosing which identities we are going to subscribe to moving forward.

Module 3- Imposter syndrome & perfectionism

-here is where we unpack part of the unseen processes of our mind and bring them to light to start practicing the change we need to create a sustainable relationship with life balance.

Module 4- Burnout & Selfishness -

-and in this module we take what we have learned to bring the exercises home to get at the root of your burnout cycles.

Module 5- Shifting views of ABA

-This is the module where we unpack the trauma of being in a field that seems to have changed its mind and how to move forward.

Module 6- Parent support vs parent training

-ABA parents are unfortunately have become an unforeseen challenge of ABA for many BCBAs. This module is where we unpack why and create a new values aligned relationship with them.

Module 7- Job Pivots & entrepreneurship

-This module is sometimes a tough pill to swallow but honestly not all BCBAs are cut out for working with kids or ASD. This is where we embrace that and start to explore MORE!

Module 8- Tying it all together ACT is ABA

-In this module we explore how everything we have done so far is ABA through he ACT lens and that these are strategies in your wheel house!

Module 9- Journaling Strategies

-in this bonus module we cultivate a relationship with journaling as a form of self ACT coaching.

Module 10-Sitting with Discomfort

-In this bonus module we practice the necessary skill of sitting with discomfort more head on in service of creating the life you are excited to live!

Module 11- Meditation Practices

-here we explore why meditation might not be working for you, plus how & why to start your own practice!

Module 12- Self Care Practices

-in this final module you explore sometimes frustrating topic of self care in a new way to create more creativity and accessibility around it!

Plus you get bonus embedded access to my ACT Hexaflex and Matrix trainings as well as 3 classic ACT exercise in Meditation format!

-Thats an extra 15 videos worth of content for free- all organized to support the modules as you go!

What's included:

All of this is shared in an email you receive immediately with access to each video so you can follow your intuition or the outline.

  • Including a workbook chock full of pre and post prompts for each module,
  • Images to help supplement learning
  • pre-and post work to help you establish meaningful intentions to grow across your life as a whole!
  • Plus an invitation to the facebook community for 6 months worth of twice monthly office hours to receive coaching directly from me to your specific situation or challenge!

All of this in service of finding your REAL YOU and a life where you can practice expressing that- where you are at NOW!

Literally- you will have everything you need to get started emailed immediately upon checking out. No annoying drip access- just binge worthy, life changing materials instantly!

Here is what other people have to say about this course:

How would it feel to go into next year with a new lease on work?

While understanding & experiencing the powerful work of private events in ABA through ACT?

Knowing the data driven, replicable process of ACT to move you towards the balanced life you are so ready to claim as yours?

This self paced course is just $300 for more than 15 hours of content which includes:

  • 12 module training videos
  • bonus ACT theory videos
  • 3 meditation videos
  • an electronic workbook of all the questions to help organize your thoughts and keep track of your responses
  • Plus 6 months access to the Facebook Community where you get access to twice monthly office hours with me!

It is tried and true by BCBAs all over the globe and its ready for now!

I know you are ready to jump into this course, so just hit the button below to get started today!

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